Welcome to Fantasy Wake! In this wakeboarding game, players will have a set salary cap to begin the season. Each player will have a set price that you can "pay" for the Athlete to join your roster. Once you spend your salary cap, your team will get points based on your Drafted Riders performance at real wakeboard competitions! Follow along with our robust stats system to pick the best riders for your team, apply different perks and boosters, and compete in Private and Public leagues for epic prizes! Available January 2022, only in the WakeU app.

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WakeU Surf & Foil

Welcome to WakeU Surf & Foil with Noah Flegel! It's no secret that Noah is one of the best water-men on the planet; World Class Wakeboarder, World Champion Wake-Surfer, Innovator on the Wake-Foil, and rips in the Ocean. So it only made sense for WakeU to partner up with the best in the business to bring top of the line Surf & Foil content to our community. We are stoked to have Noah involved and are looking forward to an epic 2022 Summer!