WakeU is excited to release the newest extension of our platform; Fantasy Wake. Fantasy Wake is a Salary Cap based Game where payers can virtually "buy" their favorite wakeboarders and assemble a team to compete against other players in the app. The game mode will follow the live competition circuit, and your Riders will win points for your team based on how they perform at a particular event. You can play with your friends in a private league, or play in our Public Leagues to win weekly Prizes as well as a GRAND PRIZE at the end of the summer!

Points Per Rotation (PPR)

  • -Fantasy wake will be scored on a Points Per Rotation system (PPR)
  • -Riders will be awarded 1 point per 180 degrees of rotation
  • -Riders will be awarded .5 points for grabbing their board during a trick. If a rider grabs twice (double grab) they will be awarded 1 full point (.5 point per grab)
  • -Riders will be deducted (-2) points per fall
  • -Riders will be deducted (-1) point per failed grab attempt (missed or improper placement)

Boosters/ Perks

  • -Stand-up run (no falls) Bonus: +5 points upon completion
  • -Every trick grabbed Bonus:  +5 points upon completion
  • -Home-field advantage Bonus: +3 points 
  • -Underdog Bonus (applies to a rider that is outside of the top 5): +10 Points 
  • -Directional Bonus (Applies to a rider that completes at least one trick in each spin direction): +5 points upon completion 
  • -Boosters can be applied up until the time the competition starts
  • -Only 3 boosters can be applied to one team at any given time. Choose wisely!

Draft Selection

  • -Drafts will be performed each week before the upcoming competition 
  • -Each user will have a set salary cap to spend on their team 
  • -Teams will be comprised of four men, and four women  
  • -Teams will be locked in at the start time of the competition (start times will not be altered due to weather or unexpected delays)


-Rules and Regulations regarding the Fantasy Wake Game are subject to change before the season is underway